Here at Biofit, we treat everyone as an athlete and give you all the tools to succeed. Our philosophy is based around the 4 pillars of fitness and health: Training, Nutrition, Recovery and Accountability.

Training: We provide small groups semi-private training and cover all aspects of training by offering our 3 main classes. Strength, Conditioning, and Durability.

Nutrition: All members get a basic nutritional plan, with the intent to educate you to choose healthier food, portion size, meal prep guide, and recipes. We also provide nutritional consultation with our on-site nutritionist.

Recovery: All members have unlimited access to our recovery tools such as the infra-red sauna, Cold and hot plunge, and compression boots. We also offer access to our on-site Physical therapist, Chiropractor, massage therapist, and stretch therapist.

Accountability: Finally we offer members accountability with weekly 1-on-1 meetings with your assigned coach. These meetings are crucial to keep you on track towards your goals and will determine your success.


With BioFit Performance is a strength conditioning facility specialized in personal training. What makes us unique is being the one stop shop with everything inside.






Brand New Facility

We built a modern 11,000 sq/ft facility, right here in Oviedo. We invested in our community so you’d have a superior fitness experience.


Outstanding Customer Service

BioFit Performance has a warm, inviting space. We want you to feel comfortable about telling us your needs. When you need something, talk to anyone of our friendly staff!


All New Equipment

We feature the latest equipment – and plenty of it. No more wasting time waiting – no broken equipment. It’s everything you need for a cutting-edge workout.



Jul 9th
Portion Control - You Got This!

Portion Control – You Got This!

At BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, we not only help clients with developing a more active lifestyle, but also a personalized nutrition program. While what you eat is ultimately the most important part of that program, portion control also plays an important role. With most fruits and vegetables, it’s not a problem. They’re often so […]

Jun 24th
What Is Primal Eating?

What Is Primal Eating?

What is primal eating? It’s about eating the way people did before industrialization occurred. While it’s similar to the Paleo or caveman diet, there are a few distinct differences. Both diets eliminate grains, since they’re based on what man might have eaten during caveman times. Both allow for rice a quinoa in the diet. However, […]

Jun 8th
Is Dark Chocolate Good For You??

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You??

There’s often a lot of smiles when clients at BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, find out that dark chocolate is actually healthy. Of course, there is a limit on the amount you should eat to reap those benefits and the quality of chocolate you should consume. It has to be high quality with a higher […]


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