Winter Park Personal Training


When you join our Winter Park gym, we know that you will be extremely dedicated to pushing yourself as hard as you can. And our personal trainers are here to help. This is common amongst gym goers, newbies and veterans alike. But oftentimes, highly driven fitness customers push themselves a little too hard. 

Whether it’s from a busy day at work or a particularly intensive workout session, our bodies endure a lot of stress. That is why our personal trainers at BioFit Performance want to ensure that you have top of the line recovery systems made available to you. These systems include compression boots, theragun and rocktape to help you recover faster and feel better.

Our Winter Park location also offers a wide variety of body therapies. This includes an infrared sauna and cryotherapy chamber, as well as stretch and massage therapy sessions. Let us show you what exactly these services are and the difference they will make in your fitness journey.


Our simple, yet effective, recovery systems will help you to feel better, recover faster, and get back out on the gym floor.

  • Compression boots
    Compression boots are shoes that utilize compressed air to revitalize and the muscles and blood flow in your legs. These boots adjust the levels of compressed air to imitate your body’s muscle pumps. As a result, your legs are massaged, your blood flow more easily filters out waste, and your legs will be revitalized to ensure a quick recovery from whatever activity you have just been doing.
  • Theragun
    A theragun is essentially a massage power drill that can be used on muscles anywhere on the body. This device has been proven to relieve pain and directly target sore muscles.
  • Rocktape
    Rocktape is a specific kind of kinesio tape that stretches muscles in the direction required for the best muscular relief. This tape accelerates your blood flow and as a result increases the level of oxygen that your muscles receive. When you use rocktape, your muscles will be alleviated from pain and fatigue.


At BioFit Performance, we pride ourselves on our on-site body therapy facilities and therapies. This wide range of options will make sure that you have the support and recovery options that you need to succeed.

  • Infrared sauna
    Infrared saunas work differently than traditional, steam based saunas. Infrared saunas directly heat your body instead of just heating the air around you. Studies have proven that infrared saunas are much more effective than traditional saunas for increasing blood circulation and repairing muscle tissue.
  • Cryotherapy chamber
    Cryotherapy (also known as cold therapy) utilizes chambers that reduce your body temperature lower than -160F. This rapid cooling puts your body into a flight or fight mode that allows your body to flush harmful toxins and significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body. 
  • Stretch therapy sessions are 30 minutes sessions of stretching. Whether you are tight, in pain or poor posture stretching is a tool that is often undervalued but can aid in the recovery or healing process.
  • Stretch therapy
    BioFit performance is proud to offer on-site, certified stretch therapists to help you prevent cramps and pulled muscles. Our sessions are 30 minutes long and are filled with a large number of different stretching exercises that will revamp your flexibility and mobility.

Massage therapy

Our massage therapist brings a huge catalog of different massage techniques to the table. They are able to pinpoint exactly what muscles need the most help and have the tools to give you top-notch treatment and a relaxing massage experience.

FOR $99

Try Out All BioFit Performance Has To Offer:

  • 4 semi-private training sessions
  • Unlimited Conditioning class
  • Unlimited Durability class
  • Unlimited access to gym floor and recovery room
  • 1 easy-to-follow meal plan
  • 1 FULL BODY composition test
  • 1 functional movement screen
  • 1 check-in with your personal coach


Speak with one of our college-educated coaches about a fitness package that includes:

  • A training program designed 100% just for you
  • Sport science and athletic-based training perfect for all fitness levels
  • Nutrition guidance and recovery tools on site
  • Everything you need for your health in one place
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