Are Dumbbells Better Than Kettlebells?

Many gyms offer a good selection of both dumbbells and often kettlebells, too. Which one is best for working out? Just like any question on training, it all depends on what results you want. Each has their place and both are good. Kettlebells offer a bit more challenge, since they are unbalanced and working them mimics the things you do daily. They’re great for explosive moves and can be good training if you’re focusing on competitions that require it, like basketball. Dumbbells are good for all types of training and they’re easier to learn how to use.

You’ll get a full body workout with kettlebells.

The fact that kettlebells are off center and keep you unbalanced makes it a good full body workout when you’re swinging them. They work your back, glutes, hamstrings and core muscles as you build strength in your arms. Kettlebells also offer flexibility, strength and endurance training. When you’re swinging the kettlebell, you’ll boost your heart rate, while building strength and increasing your range of motion.

You can isolate specific muscle groups with dumbbells, and they’re far easier to use.

If you don’t have an instructor for kettlebells, stay with dumbbells. The moves are harder to control and need the expertise of a trainer to learn. Unless you’re working on dynamic moves, studies show that dumbbells provide bigger improvements in overall strength in a period of six weeks. You’ll find they’re easier to use and can make greater strides if your goal is just to get fit and build strength.

Increasing the weight you lift is easier with dumbbells.

Kettlebells don’t have the smaller increments in size to allow you to gradually increase the weight you lift. Unlike dumbbells, that allow you to increase the weight in smaller increments, which not only allows you to slowly increase the weight when doing exercises, also let’s you start with the most appropriate weight for your fitness level.

  • You have more options with your workout with dumbbells. You can use them in a slow, push-press style movement or use them with more explosive movements.
  • Many people start with dumbbells and as they get fitter, change to kettlebells for a change of pace. In fact, dumbbells let you get the feel for explosive movements when used properly.
  • Unless you have a trainer, there’s more risk of injury when you use kettlebells. Since the center of gravity is further from your hand, it adds a challenge. The swinging action does, too. Both add to an increased risk.
  • Which is the best to use? It all depends on your level of fitness, ultimate goal and whether you have adequate instruction. A personal trainer will help find the best tools to use to reach your fitness goals.

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