Foods That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Foods That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

You’ll learn all the pillars of a healthy lifestyle at BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, nutrition, fitness, recovery and accountability. Nutrition is extremely important. What you eat makes a difference in whether you remain healthy or become sick. A well-balanced diet is important, but so is eating foods that can help reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to serious conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and depression.

Not all inflammation is bad.

You need inflammation. It’s the way the immune system fights foreign invaders, such as microbes. Inflammation helps fight infection and aids in the healing process. If your body didn’t have this process, you’d be subject to every virus and bacteria in the air and have no way of fighting them. What you eat can make the difference in the amount of inflammation in your body. The right foods reduce it and the wrong ones encourage it. White bread, pastry and other refined carbs encourage inflammation. Soft drinks or other beverages with added sugar, red meat, fried foods and fats like margarine, shortening and lard also increase it.

Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet can benefit your overall health.

Besides reducing the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet, you need to increase the amount of foods that fight inflammation. You’ll recognize many of these foods from the Mediterranean diet, which include tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, nuts and seeds and fruit. Coffee is also anti-inflammatory, because of the polyphenols and other anti-inflammatory compounds. Some of the best fruits and vegetables include colorful fruit like blueberries and leafy greens, both are high in polyphenols and antioxidants.

An anti-inflammatory diet not only reduces chronic inflammation, it has other health benefits.

When you consume an anti-inflammatory diet, you’re eating mostly unprocessed foods and that can be a benefit to everyone. It can help you lose weight and play a role in both your emotional and physical health. Foods with added sugar are highly inflammatory, since they cause spikes in blood sugar. Those are the first you should avoid and work toward eating healthier from there. Spicing up your diet with garlic, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric can improve anti-inflammatory qualities. White, oolong and green tea are also rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

  • Eating food with Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel, can help prevent the body from forming inflammatory compounds. It also reduces the body’s existing inflammation.
  • Foods high in fiber, like oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables provide prebiotics to feed the health bacteria in the gut and aid digestion. That bacteria then produces inflammation fighting substances.
  • If you love a little sweetness in your diet, fresh fruit will taste incredibly sweet once you give up sugar, but you can also have a little dark chocolate, as long as it’s 70% cocoa. Just like berries, it contains flavonols that fight inflammation, especially in arteries.
  • At BioFit Performance, we provide a nutritional meal plan designed personally for you to help you fight inflammation, live healthier and reach your fitness goals.

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Home Workouts For Arms

Home Workouts For Arms

You’ll get huge benefits when you workout at Biofit Performance in Oviedo, FL, but working toward fitness shouldn’t end when you leave the gym. Staying fit should be part of your daily life, so having workouts you can do anywhere are important. We saw how important recently, when many states were locked down and gyms were closed. Here are some exercises and home workouts for arms that you can add to your total fitness program.

Start with exercises that don’t require special equipment.

A lot of upper body and arm exercises require weights of some type. Most people immediately think of dumbbells or using a barbell, but resistance bands, which are inexpensive and easy to store, are also used for arms. You don’t have to have any of those types of equipment when you workout at home. You can make your own equipment from things you have around the house. Dumbbells and weights can be soup cans or milk/detergent bottles filled with sand to achieve a specific weight. Tricep overhead extensions are one example of arm exercises at home. Hold your “weight” in both hands and lift it above your head. Bend your arms at the elbow to lower it behind your back at 90 degrees. Lift it back to above your head and repeat.

Do bench dips using your chair or furniture.

If you’re at the office and have a sturdy chair without rollers, you can do chair dips. For those at home, sitting on the edge of a coffee table and doing dips is the perfect situation. Sit on the edge of the chair or table with legs extended and heels on the floor. Grasp the sides of the chair seat or front of the table and lift yourself forward and down with your heels touching the floor and legs extended. Lower your body until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle, then lift your body back to seated position. The more fit you become, adjust the workout to make it harder by dipping lower.

The old standby, push-ups, can be modified to work all parts of the arms, back and chest.

Two of the best exercises for arm strength are push-ups and pull-ups. Both can be modified by body position and hand position. The standard push-up works the biceps, but when you modify push-ups you’ll get even more benefits. Do the modified one as you would a regular one, on all fours with palms and toes touching, legs straight, but instead of hands shoulder width, hold them closer together. There should be just a few inches between your hands as you raise and lower your body, keeping your back straight.

  • Keep it simple and build core and arm strength, do a plank. Get into push-up position and hold. If you’re watching TV and can hold that position through one commercial break, you’ll be a champ!
  • Use a towel to do towel curls. You can even adjust your resistance. Fold a towel and make it a sling for your leg, putting it behind your thigh and holding an end in each hand. Pull until you lift your leg, using it for resistance.
  • Make sure you’re eating healthy and have plenty of collagen in your diet. Collagen is the necessary protein for building muscles and improving skin elasticity.
  • You can modify most basic exercises, such as the plank, to work other upper body muscles. A one arm plank where you roll your body to the side as you lift the other arm in the air works other muscles. Doing an incline or decline push-up or plank also works muscles in a different way.

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Does Running Relieve Stress?

Does Running Relieve Stress?

Not only does running help relieve stress, it also can help improve your mood. When you’re under stress, your body sends hormones to start the process that prepares your body to either run away or fight. It’s called the fight or flight response. It makes changes, like sending more blood to extremities and slows those functions that aren’t important to immediate survival, like the digestive process. That response kept man alive, but today’s stressors aren’t the same. The fight or flight response won’t help you during a traffic jam or addressing issues with an angry customer. In fact, it works against you.

Your mind gets foggy and blood pressure goes up.

A lot of changes occur under stress and if you don’t do something to counter those changes, can cause problems that ultimately make you ill or create a serious condition. Stress not only takes a toll on your physical health, it also affects your mental health. It can create anxiety, which creates more stress and before you know it, you freeze mentally and physically, unable to do the daily tasks. Studies show running and even brisk walking can help counter the problem. Why do you think people pace? It feels good and helps lower stress and anxiety levels.

Exercise of all types are used as adjunct therapy for anxiety and depression.

Since anxiety and depression can occur from excess stress and exercise is used to combat them, it makes sense that exercise also helps reduce the stress that causes the problem. Running burns off the hormones of stress and causes the brain to release hormones that make you feel good. These hormones, are endorphins, which help block pain and make you feel good. Think, “runner’s high.”

When you exercise or run, you slow the release of cortisol.

Slowing the release of cortisol helps reduce the potential for feeling stressed. One study shows that running helped deal with the changes caused by chronic stress. Since cortisol is associated with the accumulation of fat on the abdominal area called visceral or belly fat, that’s a second benefit of running. The slowing of the cortisol and burning off of stress hormones allows your body to return to a normal state.

  • Studies show that meditation helps balance brain chemistry, which allows better coping skills in stressful situations. The peaceful repetition of running mimics meditation and can provide the same benefits.
  • Running benefits overall health, which can also lower your stress level. If you’re injured or ill, your blood pressure probably increases because both put your body under stress. Running helps prevent that change.
  • There can be a social part to running, like any type of exercise. Having a running partner or workout partner can be a big benefit and add to the reduction of stress with a pleasant social interaction.
  • As with all types of exercise, running builds muscle tissue and can help improve your posture. Improved posture gives a look and feeling of confidence, which also reduces stress.

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Guilt Free Snacks

Guilt Free Snacks

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know the hardest part is that time of day when you normally reach for a bag of chips, donut or candy bar. It can be the time between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner or about an hour or two after dinner. You don’t have to skip your favorite time to eat. In fact, it’s healthy if you choose guilt free snacks. These are snacks that are relatively low in calories, but super charged with nutrients.

Keep snacking simple.

You can create gourmet healthy snacks, but often the best tasting snacks are simple. Buy some tree nuts, seeds and dried fruit and package up individual serving bags of your home made trail mix. You can even add a couple of semi-sweet dark chocolate bits to each serving bag. It’s a healthy combination that will keep you full, plus provide benefits.

Prepare veggies and fruit the minute you get home from the store.

Whether you’ve purchased celery, red pepper, cantaloupe, grapes or any other fruit except apples or veggie you can snack on or dip, wash it and prepare it for eating. Section grapefruit and oranges and have them ready in a bowl to snack on when you need a bit to eat. Make a healthy dip from chickpeas or Greek yogurt for vegetables. You’ll find that if they’re ready to serve, you’ll make them your snack, rather than a higher empty calorie cookie or a bag of chips. As you come near the end of the week, if there’s fruit left, serve it for dessert and use the veggies left over for cooking.

Apples and cheese or peanut butter make a guilt free healthy snack.

Slicing up an apple and topping it with a bit of nut butter or cheese is an excellent snack. You can use any type of nut butter, but peanut butter, especially the chunky kind, has proven to be the most popular. Make sure you choose peanut butter that has just one ingredient—peanuts. There shouldn’t be any additives. You’ll have to stir it before you use it, as it separates, but it’s worth the effort. Eating a thin slice of cheese with a section of apple is also filling and delicious. Both options provide protein, fiber and healthy fat to keep you full longer.

  • Combine a bit of honey with peanut butter and then add wheat germ until you can roll it in a ball. Coat the ball with wheat germ and have these ready for snacks in your refrigerator. You can also add freshly ground flaxseed, chia seeds, dried fruit or oats for more flavor.
  • Plain Greek yogurt with chopped frozen black cherries and very coarsely chopped walnuts added make a delicious snack. Layer the ingredients in a small half pint mason jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator for snacking later.
  • Make sweet potato chips in your oven and lightly salt them. They’re an excellent alternative for people who love the crunch and slight saltiness of potato chips.
  • The simplest snack of all is popcorn. You can even make popcorn in the microwave without the cost and extra oil of prepackaged microwave popcorn. Put a fourth cup of popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, fold the top of the bag several times to seal and pop it the microwave for about two minutes.

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Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle This Year

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle This Year

At BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, we believe you should thrive and you can do that by making changes and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The recent events and pandemic have shown us how important keeping fit and staying healthy can be. While there were exceptions, people were the fittest had the best chance of recovery, but getting and staying fit is more than just being able to fight a virus. It’s being able to live life to its fullest.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Every morning when you wake up, you can make a decision to live healthier or not. It’s that simple. You can’t change some things, such as genetics or past illnesses, but you can help prevent future problems and life altering conditions. Getting fit starts with your mindset. You should realize how much you deserve to feel good physically and good about yourself. Do you need to eat healthier? Get more exercise and in better shape? Shed a few pounds or live pain free? It’s your decision.

You can start by making small changes.

Do you hop in a car to go to a friend’s house just down the street? If so, change that habit and walk there. It’s one way to get more exercise. Is your grocery store a few blocks away? Ride a bike with baskets or get a personal cart to carry groceries and walk. Take the stairs and not the elevator. Devote just ten minutes to exercising a few times a day. Skip that candy bar and grab an apple instead. These small changes all add up to a big improvement in your fitness level.

One of the biggest causes of preventable deaths is obesity.

Obesity occurs not because of how much people eat, but what they eat. Products high in processed flour and sugar are often a huge part of many American’s diets. Start by focusing on giving up products that have added sugar. It’s the hardest thing to do, but something that will make a huge difference in your life. Substitute fresh fruit when you have a craving for sugar. Plan healthy snacks. You’ll be surprised at how sweet it is if you’ve given up products with added sugar. Fried foods, snack foods and foods with processed flour should be on your list to go next.

  • We can help you with a program of healthy eating. Our nutritional consultant can guide you on a program that will make eating healthier easier to do and actually enjoyable.
  • You don’t have to be an athlete to want to feel your best, but we do help athletes achieve their best, too. No matter what shape you’re in today, we can help you start on a path to achieve your goals of being fitter, stronger and healthier.
  • A healthier lifestyle involves more than just exercise and diet. It means getting adequate hydration, plenty of sleep and more. You can get a free consultation or try our jump-start to help you get started to a healthier way of living.
  • We provide recovery systems, an infra red sauna, contrast bath therapy and stretch therapy to help you mend, whether it’s from a workout or a long day at work.

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Keep Moving When Staying Home

Keep Moving When Staying Home

I’m always pleased when a new client comes into Biofit Performance in Oviedo, FL, especially when they tell us they are trying to find a way to keep moving, since they’re now staying home, either working from home or retired. While you don’t need a formal exercise program to keep moving, it helps get you into a routine and gets you out of the house. Too often people tell that after a few weeks of being home bound, they found that their desire to be active started to dwindle and inactivity is one of the causes of preventable deaths. Obesity is still number one, but that is also tied to being inactive.

Moving more is probably more important than working out.

If you workout every day for an hour and then sit in the same position at your desk the rest of the day, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Studies show that people who sit the longest have increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. Sitting longer than an hour can wipe out many of the benefits of working out. According to one study, if you sit for longer than six hours straight, you literally wiped out any benefits of a regular workout. Take a five-minute break every hour to walk or move. Do a few jumping jacks or lunges.

How much do you sit when you’re at home?

One study found that sitting longer than three hours a day may be way too much time sitting at one time. Another study from REGARD—Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke—identified that the average person actually sits more than previously thought. The study was aimed at finding why there were more strokes in people of color in the southern US than there were in their Caucasian counterparts. They tracked almost 8,000 people of all races for four years and found that during the 16 waking hours, the subjects averaged 12.3 hours of sedentary behavior, which is 2.3 hours more than previously thought. Track your movement and you’ll probably find something similar.

Even if you don’t work at a desk at home, just watching TV in the evening can be a hazard.

The REGARD study showed that the longer the subjects sat, the more their potential for death increased. Those who sat 13 hours a day had twice the risk of death compared to those who sat 11 hours every day. However, if the subject sat 13 hours, but got up every 30 minutes and moved, then the potential for death lowered by 55%. Sitting longer than 90 minutes doubled the risk of death. If you’re going to watch TV or be at the computer for a while, set a timer for a half hour and get up and move around.

  • Travelers and truck drivers are subject to the same problem as those who stay at home. Stopping every 30-50 minutes isn’t an option for them, so when they do stop, a brisk 15 minute workout is suggested for good health.
  • Do you have a house with a set of stairs? Make them your workout. Every 30-50 minutes, run up and down them and challenge yourself to increase the number of up and down laps.
  • If you want to boost your health and ensure you’ll be moving more frequently, split your workout into three to five ten minute sessions. Several shorter sessions provide the same benefits as one long one.
  • As you age, staying active is even more important. Muscles waste away faster and that affects all aspects of your life and health, including bone density. Add walking to your daily schedule and have a workout plan that includes all types of fitness. We offer a free consultation.

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Working Out Can Improve Self-Esteem

Working Out Can Improve Self-Esteem

If you’ve ever felt blah after a whole day at the computer, you’re not alone. Just sitting does nothing to improve your mood. It can cause stress that you don’t burn off by moving around and you never get that high that you get after a tough workout. Not only does exercise help improve your mood, working out can improve self-esteem. One study showed that people have an improved self-image as soon as they start a program of exercise, long before they see any changes in their body.

You’ll feel stronger when you workout.

There’s something empowering about feeling strong. We’ve had women in business come to the gym and workout hard, including some grueling strength-training. Many of these women work in male dominated careers, and they attribute their devotion to exercise is that it gives them a feeling of strength. Of course, it does give them physical strength and endurance, plus boosts their cognitive processes, which is another reason people workout.

Your posture improves when you workout, so you look more confident.

There was a study by Rosenthal and Jacobson in 1963 that proved the truth of a self-fulfilling prophecy. What is the self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s the idea that if you tell someone that a person is smart, confident or whatever, that person will be treated that way and ultimately become that way. While it was done with students and focused on IQ, the same thing is true in other areas. Confidence is one of those. When you workout, it improves you posture. That improved posture makes you look more confident. When you look more confident, people react to you as though you are and you ultimately become that way. It’s the reason the saying, “fake it until you make it” rings true.

Looking good helps you feel good about yourself.

When you look in the mirror, if you see a strong toned body whose clothes fit just right, you probably feel good about yourself. How you look directly affects how you feel about yourself. It shouldn’t, but our society is obsessed with appearance. Studies show that working out not only affects self-esteem and confidence, it can help with patients who have mild depression and anxiety. As your body improves, so does your self-esteem.

  • Getting into shape starts with setting goals. Achieving those goals and getting fit is part of the reason people are more confident. Once you achieve any goal, it boosts your confidence and you believe other goals are possible.
  • Several studies show the positive effect of exercise on self-esteem in various age groups. One British study showed it improved self-esteem in 3 to 20 year-olds and other studies showed it helps in middle-aged women, seniors and middle-aged men.
  • The energy and improved cognitive functioning that occurs when you exercise regularly increases your self-esteem. When you can keep up with others, whether mentally or physically or surpass them, it makes you feel good.
  • It’s never too late to start a program of exercise. Even people in their eighties and nineties can benefit. At BioFit, we even offer other services infrared sauna, contrast bath therapy, and recovery services that you use to treat yourself even better.

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Why Meal Planning Is Important??

Why Meal Planning Is Important??

We provide all types of services at Biofit Performance to help our clients in Oviedo, FL, succeed at weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. We base our program on the four pillars of a healthy and one of those is eating healthy. In order to aid clients and make it simpler, we help educate every client on the basics of planning meals, including offering recipes and portion size. Why? Because meal planning is important if you want the most successful transition to healthy eating and getting fit. It answers the question, “What’s for supper,” with a healthy option that takes minutes to put on the table.

Meal planning isn’t just planning meals.

There are a couple of ways to approach meal planning. The most common way is to plan meals for the week one day, shop the next and prepare the next week’s meals over the weekend or your days off of work. Cooking the food can be done when you’re not already tired from a long day at work. You’ll have all the ingredients on hand, even if you don’t cook ahead, which is often half the battle.

If you spend one day cooking, you can take a break the rest of the week.

A lot of the time spent on healthy meals is the time the food is cooking, whether in an instant pot crock pot or oven. Taking one day for prep means you can cook two or more day’s worth of food at once. Your oven can do double duty, baking two types of meat or meat and vegetables at once. While the main courses are cooking, you can chop and prepare all the vegetables at once. Some will be used for several meals. In fact, by chopping all fresh vegetables and fruit at once, you can have some on hand for quick snacks.

It’s quicker than a drive-through during the week.

If you have all your meals planned and ready to heat, it only takes minutes to warm them. That’s faster than sitting in a drive-through line. It’s also less expensive in many cases. You can triple or double the recipes and freeze some of the meals for later weeks, so you don’t have to prepare as many meals down the road, or they’re ready for those weekends you don’t have the time to cook. Good meal plans use leftovers for other meals, such as baked chicken one night and chicken salad another.

  • Since the food is ready to heat and serve, you won’t be as tempted to munch while you’re cooking and also have the built-in portion control. You’ll seldom have leftovers that simply go bad in the refrigerator.
  • When you do meal planning, you can plan around sales, season fruits and vegetables and coupons. You’ll also save money by having a specific grocery list and not do a lot of impulse shopping.
  • It’s important to always do weekly shopping after you’ve eaten, not before you do. By doing the shopping once a week and after you eat, you’ll be less prone to buy junk food.
  • When you meal plan, you do your body a favor and your budget, too. Leftover vegetables at the end of the week can be used for soups, baked or chopped into salads. You’ll have super low cost soups ready to heat and eat for those chilly days.

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Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

You might not realize it, but the simple act of drinking more water can help you lose weight. It’s something you can do that’s simple and is one more tool in your tool box to a healthier lifestyle. While it doesn’t replace healthy eating and exercise, anymore than getting adequate sleep would, it’s part of living a healthier lifestyle. Drinking adequate water is important to your overall health. Long term mild chronic dehydration can cause nausea, muscle cramps and headaches. The older you are, the worse the complications can be. It can cause UTIs and in seniors, may even mimic dementia.

You’ll eat less if you fill up on water first.

Believe it or not, water can be an appetite suppressant. You just drink a glass of water before a meal and you’ll eat less than you otherwise might. Several studies found that people eat less at a meal when they drink a glass of water before eating. The savings is approximately 75 calories according to one study, but just think how that 75 calorie savings can add up over three meals a day, seven days a week. It’s 1575 in a week. When you consider cutting 3500 calories means you lose a pound. That’s almost a pound every two weeks.

Mild dehydration can make you think you’re hungry.

The body sends messages and if you’re attuned with your body, you understand them, but most people aren’t. Sometimes, the body sends the message when you’re thirsty, but it’s often interpreted as hungry. Have you ever felt hungry for something, but wasn’t sure what? All you knew is that something juicy sounded delicious. You may have been thirsty, not hungry. Next time you have a “mysterious craving or hunger,” try drinking a glass of water first.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, you often note everything you eat, but not everything you drink.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, ditch the soft drinks and sugary drinks. In most cases they don’t provide any nutrients and tons of calories. Even fruit juice should be replaced with water. You’re better off eating the whole fruit and getting the fiber. Don’t even think about diet colas. New studies show that drinking diet colas increase your waistline and put on visceral fat—the most unhealthy kind.

  • If you want to boost your metabolism, drink some cold water. Ice cold water increases the calories you burn. The warming of the body after drinking something cold burns extra calories and boosts your metabolism.
  • If you’re barely making it through that last rep at the gym, maybe you need a little hydration. Mild dehydration can cause an energy drop. Because of that, you’ll burn fewer calories.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you and sip it throughout the day. You’ll keep your energy high, while also flushing your system of toxins.
  • You may worry about drinking water if you’re bloated and carrying water weight. The opposite of your fears is true. Drinking more water can actually be diuretic to help you eliminate water weight.

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Workouts To Build Muscle

Workouts To Build Muscle

Whether you want to get that lean, cut look or simply burn fat tissue and build muscle to get that svelte, healthy appearance, you need workouts to build muscle. It’s more than just strength training. While some strength training can build muscles and some muscle building exercises build strength, it’s all about which part of the muscle tissue is the focus. Strength focuses on the neuromuscular system and functionality. Muscle building focuses on making more new muscle fiber and increasing the fluid within the muscle cells to make them bigger.

You can use a split workout schedule or do a full body workout.

It doesn’t matter what type of workout you choose, using exercises that build muscles helps. For the upper body, using bench presses, rows, dumbbell curls, lateral raises and incline dumbbell presses can be examples of workouts to use. For the lower body, leg presses, seated leg curls, standing calf raises and Romanian deadlifts build muscle tissue. Compound style exercises work several muscle groups at once, making them more efficient at building muscles. Barbell squats are examples of a compound exercise.

Don’t forget the bodyweight exercises that build muscles and increase strength.

Push-ups, pull-ups and hanging leg lifts if you have a pull-up bar, planks, lunges, and squats are just a few of the bodyweight exercises you can do to boost your muscle building. You can modify these workouts by going slower, add pause reps, rest less and adjust the body’s angle and position. When you modify an exercise, it can make it more difficult, as in going from a knee bent push-up to a straight leg push-up or make it work another group of muscles, like putting your hands closer together or further apart in a push up.

Focus on both diet and exercise.

You have to eat a healthy diet and increase specific foods to build muscle tissue, especially if you want lean muscle mass. You have to eat enough to have the nutrients to build muscles, but not eat so many calories that you put on fat. Protein should be a top priority. It should be anywhere from 15 to 33 percent of your caloric daily intake. Greek yogurt, salmon and chicken breasts are examples of animal protein and beans, tofu, lentils, almonds and chickpeas are examples of plant protein. You also need about 20 percent of your calories to come from healthy fat and the rest to come from healthy sources of carbohydrates. You’ll boost your muscle building ability when you eat right.

  • Go easy on the cardio if you’re trying to build muscle tissue. It burns tons of calories, but doesn’t discriminate between fat tissue and tissue as the source. Modify your workout to make it a HIIT workout or kettlebell workout that builds muscle and gives a cardio workout at the same time.
  • Don’t workout too long or too often. If you’ve exercised for 75 minutes, you’ve reached maximum muscle growth time. Doing more can actually sabotage your efforts, just like doing it every day can prevent healing that creates the scars to make your muscles bigger.
  • Don’t forget to get adequate sleep. You need sleep to improve muscle growth. It’s when your body heals the micro tears in the muscles that make the muscles bigger.
  • Our personal trainers will develop a program specifically for your needs. If you’re working out at home, our online advisor can create a program that will help you build muscle tissue, lose weight or achieve any personal goal you have.

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