Are Kettlebells A Cardio Workout?

BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, focuses on all aspects of fitness from private and group personal training to a great recovery system. We even offer online consultations for those who can’t make it into the gym. One question that’s asked often is whether kettlebells provide a good cardio workout. Most people already realize that kettlebells are good for building strength and the right workouts can improve flexibility.

Kettlebells are a full body workout that can improve all types of fitness.

Working all parts of the body is as important as addressing all types of fitness. No matter what your fitness goal is, you need all types of exercise. You don’t have to isolate cardio workouts from strength building ones with kettlebells. They provide both at the same time. It’s both a cardio exercise that builds strength and strength training that boosts cardio endurance. A cardio workout increases the heart rate. Kettlebell workouts increase the heart rate as much as any cardio workout.

Kettlebell workouts build your endurance.

Unlike barbell bench presses, you can do kettlebell swings far longer, far faster and for more reps. You can also use heavier kettlebells for swings. That increased workout time means it becomes endurance training. That makes your cardiovascular system work harder. It’s all about pushing your body a little longer to build endurance, which is what cardio does.

You can change your kettlebell workout to a HIIT—high intensity interval training workout.

By doing kettlebell workouts with great intensity, then slowing them down for recovery, volleying between the two, you have a great HIIT workout. HIIT workouts not only build strength fast, they boost the cardiovascular system quickly compared to other cardio workouts. You can use the HIIT technique for any type of workout, including kettlebells, and will get the maximum results. Studies show that HIIT workouts are far better than steady-state workouts for cardio.

  • When you use kettlebells, you get a full body workout. That means you involve more muscles, which causes the body to burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more fat you’ll lose.
  • Another reason kettlebell workouts are so beneficial is that they mimic everyday movements. That means using them to train will boost your functional fitness, to help prevent injury doing every day activities, like picking up the baby or bending down to tie your shoes.
  • The structure of your kettlebell workout determines whether it’s a good cardio workout that builds strength or one that focuses primarily on strength. A good trainer can even modify a workout to focus on flexibility.
  • Using kettlebells in your training program can add variety and make them more interesting. If you hate running and find riding a stationary bike a bore, consider asking one of our trainers about a kettlebell workout.

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