Best Exercises Using Your Body Weight

We focus on a well-rounded program at Biofit Performance in Oviedo, FL. Some of those are exercises using your body weight. We focus on the six foundational movements, the squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull and carry. These are functional movements you do every day, so there are definitely bodyweight exercises to help improve your strength and flexibility. You can do them anywhere whether you’re on the road or at home.

You’ll get lots of variety when you use bodyweight exercises.

Squats and lunges are just two of the popular bodyweight exercises that you can use. You can modify them as you become stronger and more in shape. If you can’t master the traditional squat, use a table or chair to aid you. As you build strength, go to the traditional squat without aid and then to the pistol shot, where you push one leg in front as you squat, allowing the other leg to support your weight.

Push and pull movements can provide exercise for the upper body.

Have you ever tried a push-up? It’s one of the perfect exercises for using those muscles that push. You can modify it to your level of fitness, too. Knee bent push-ups are a good place to start if you’re out of shape. You can widen the distance of your hands to make the push-up more difficult. Pull exercises can also be modified based on your level of fitness. Start with an inverted bodyweight row until you’re in good enough condition for the traditional pull-up.

Lunges fulfill the exercise need for the lunge motion.

You do the lunge movement every day. It’s putting all the pressures on one leg and pushing your body forward at the same time. Take a step forward with one leg, shifting your weight a bit to make the heel hit first. Lower your body, making your extended leg parallel to the floor with the right shin, vertical and opposite leg bent with knee tapping lightly on the floor. Push back up to starting position and do the other side.

  • You can boost your endurance and make bodyweight exercises a cardio workout by doing them as a HIIT workout or circuit training.
  • You can use a traditional bodyweight exercise and modify it to work other muscles or to match your level of fitness.
  • Just like other types of workouts, bodyweight exercises require perfect form. Focus on form the first week or so, doing fewer per set or fewer sets. If you struggle to do an exercise, opt for an easier one until you build strength.
  • Our trainers at Biofit performance will help you build a program you can use for those days you can’t make it to the gym. You’ll be prepared to continue working out even if you’re on vacation.

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