Fitness Journal Ideas

If you’re old enough to remember having a daily planner before tracking your appointments via tech became popular, you’ll appreciate the usefulness of a fitness journal. A fitness journal can be anything that helps you stay motivated, exercise or eat healthier. Here are some fitness journal ideas that you might want to incorporate into your regimen for fitness. There’s nothing better than writing down the goals and tracking them with paper and pencil. It may be old school, but it works and is easier to see your progress by just flipping through the pages.

Make your fitness journal a daily effort and make it fun.

Use colored markers, drawings and diagrams if you want. Track the food you eat during the day or your exercise program. If you’re just starting out, tackle one part of your fitness program at a time. It can be as simple as tracking your water intake and doing a checklist of tasks for the day with exercise or walking being one of those tasks.

Use it to plan your meals or plan your workout.

If you aren’t using our meal planning app, use your planner to do that. You can also track everything you eat, even if you’re using our app. You’re human, so if it’s not on the meal planner, track it in your journal. It happens. List the exercises you’ll do that day and it can help you get through your workout quicker without stopping to think about what comes next. It also helps ensure you vary your workout. When you list the number of repetitions and sets you do and how you felt doing them, you’ll be able to track your progress, too.

Create bar charts to track more than just exercise and diet.

Track your energy levels, too. You’ll be able to start to see a correlation between a combination of healthy eating and exercise to your energy level. Make sure you also add a chart to show how much sleep you got that night, which also provides a lot of insight. Throw in a few motivational phrases on each page.

  • Create a seven-day, fourteen-day or thirty-day challenge. Outline an achievable exercise program with the daily workout perfectly outlined. Make the final day of your challenge more difficult than day one. Work to achieve that goal.
  • Create a reward at the end of each week or month if you’ve accomplished your goals. Make it something you really want that’s appropriate for the energy expended and persistence it took.
  • Color code your progress. If you’re counting steps, use a different color based on the number of steps you took. If you’re working out, use one color for success and another color if you did an extra set or two.
  • You can opt for premade fitness trackers or just use a spiral bound notebook, journal or daily planner and get creative. It can be as artistic as you choose, the important part is tracking what you do.

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