How To Gain Weight Naturally

If you’ve ever stated that you have a problem trying to put on weight, you probably never got any sympathy and understanding from others. Often people who want to gain weight eat unhealthy food and cease all exercise, hoping to put on a few pounds. You can gain weight naturally and in a healthy manner with both diet change and exercise. That’s right, when you use a program designed for you, exercise can help you gain weight.

Just like being overweight is unhealthy, so is being underweight.

No matter what end of the weight spectrum you are, it’s unhealthy if it’s the extreme end of the spectrum. How do you know if you’re underweight, use your body mass index or BMI? It’s a chart that compares your height to weight and assigns a number. A body mass over 25 is overweight and one that is 18.5 or less is underweight. Between those two extremes are normal weights. Being underweight can be more dangerous than being overweight.

Adjust your diet and eat more calories but make them from healthy food.

In order to gain weight, you have to eat more calories than you burn. However, most people trying to gain weight turn to junk food, pastries and other unhealthy options. Junk food may in fact be counterproductive. The high sugar amount can cause you to feel sick and even eat less. Instead, focus on higher calories healthy food like dried fruit and nuts, full fat dairy, whole grains and meat. The extra nutrients can help you build more muscle when combined with an exercise program designed to help you gain weight.

Avoid excess cardio and focus on muscle building.

True, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, but the more muscle you have, the more you weigh, too. Muscle weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does. That’s why people often look thinner, even if they don’t lose a pound, after they start an exercise program. One way to boost muscle tissue is strength building exercises. These can include bodyweight exercises like push-ups or squats or ones that use weights.

  • One study found that underweight men increased their chance of dying early by 140%, while women increased it by 100%. Obese people only increase their risk by 50%. However, many times people with serious conditions often lose weight due to the condition and become underweight.
  • Have a preworkout and post workout snack. It should be a combination of carbs and protein. The preworkout snack can help your workout be more efficient and the post workout snack can help build muscle.
  • Include food that’s highly nutritious, but also dense in calories, like nuts and nut butter. Avocados, red meat and full fat cheese or butter are also good. Make sure animal products come from grass fed or range free animals.
  • At BioFit Performance, we can help you by creating a program of exercise and diet that aid in gaining weight in a healthy manner. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain it or just build muscle, we’re here to help.

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