How To Stay Motivated If You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

We like to think that people who come to BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL find it easy to stay motivated, since we provide so much personal attention and an individualized program for each person working out. That close, personalized attention is motivating, since it holds each person accountable while providing the encouragement that’s often necessary for success. We also provide nutritional advice and a number of amenities that can add to your workout success. Nothing is more motivating than success.

Have you failed in the past? Then do something different.

Maybe you’ve exercised for a few weeks or ate healthy meals for a month, but went back to old habits quickly after that. It’s just too easy to get back to your old habits before you have a chance to make new ones that are healthier. Having someone to help, like a personal trainer or nutrition specialist can help keep you on the straight and narrow until the new lifestyle becomes a habit.

Make it easy on yourself and reward yourself for successes.

You don’t have to recreate the wheel to get fit. Use the expertise of specialists. They can take the guesswork out of fitness. Whether it’s a program designed to reach your exercise and fitness goals or a well laid out plan of nutrition, it takes the guess work out and makes it easier. A reward for a tough work can boost your motivation, so why not try pampering yourself with a massage, infra-red sauna or cryotherapy session, stretch therapy or other recovery techniques available. They all feel great and take the pain out of exercise.

Don’t forget that setting goals can be quite motivating.

Everyone has different motivations. If you love gaming or challenges, goal setting and tracking your progress can be quite a motivation. Decide on your overall goals and break them down to smaller ones you can achieve each week and let the fun begin. Your goal can be weight loss, increased repetitions of certain exercises or lost inches. No matter what it is, achieving each level can be exhilarating and motivating.

  • Give yourself a special reward if just achieving your goal isn’t enough. If your goal is weight loss or loss of inches, it could be a new outfit. For those who want to improve endurance, a walking tour or other active pastime could be good.
  • Get a fitness partner. We offer small semi-private group classes with an average ratio of one instructor per six students. You and your partner can share in the joys of success, compete for most success and make fitness more of a social activity.
  • Give yourself a break. If you’ve had a tough workout, take time to rest. Give yourself personal time for every hour you worked out or every goal you met. Take a long bath, a snooze or just enjoy doing nothing.
  • Find a quiet place you love. It might be a special spot in Center Lake park, an airboat tour or something as simple as a ride on the Ferris wheel at ICON Park in Orlando. Make it special and something you love.

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