Is It Better To Workout In The Morning Or Evening?

Should you workout in the morning or evening? The answer we like is to workout when you can get to the gym, but with our new online option, that’s no longer true, either. One factor that doesn’t vary is that you should set a workout time and stick with it. Put it in your schedule as an appointment you can’t break. If you find that time doesn’t work after trying for a few weeks, switch to a new time for a few weeks until you find one that works for you almost 100% of the time.

There are reasons to workout in the morning.

Do you want to lose weight and burn off fat? Working out in the morning is the best way to burn off stored fat, particularly if you do it before breakfast. The hormone profile of the body metabolizes fat better at that time. Your cortisol levels and growth hormone levels are both higher, and they’re part of the metabolic process. That means you’ll lose weight faster. Scheduling in the morning means the activities of the day won’t get in the way of your workout.

Workout on your lunch hour.

Sometimes, life loads you down with obligations and the only time you have for yourself is lunch hour. It still could be a great time for your workout. You may burn more fat in the morning, but you’ll have more energy in the afternoon and you’ll get more out of your performance. It can be because you’ve replenished your body with food at breakfast and that can help raise your sugar levels to give you the energy. You’ll also get your circulation going to avoid that afternoon slump. A few studies show it may burn as much as 10% more calories than you would at other times.

Get rid of the stress of the day by exercising after work or early evening.

Working out after work can be great, burning off the day’s stressors and getting your workout done for the day before going home to relax…or make supper, do dishes, get the kids in bed and etc. Don’t exercise too late in the evening if you’re prone to insomnia. Some studies show it can disrupt sleep if done right before bedtime.

  • Working out at night can help cause the body to make less ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry. It could cause you to eat less and help you lose weight.
  • Some studies show that working out early helps boost productivity and can improve your mood throughout the day. Some studies show adopting a healthy habit is easier if you do it in the morning.
  • No matter what you’ve read, if you’re simply not a morning person, working out in the morning is not for you. You can try it for a while and see if it helps you be more alert in the morning, but if it doesn’t work, try later in the day.
  • The best time of day to workout is when it is the best time for you. It doesn’t matter what time of day you choose, picking a time and sticking with it is the most important part. Consistency and persistence pays off in big rewards.

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