Physical Fitness Is Linked To Better Brain Function

Personal trainers at BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, help people live healthier lives by improving their physical fitness. Physical fitness does more than make you look good. It’s important for all parts of the body, living a healthier life and even brain function. Exercise helps burn off the hormones of stress, which prepare the body for fighting or running. When you’re fit and workout regularly, you’ll burn off those hormones and that can clear your mind and help you relax. Fitness does even more for the brain that just aid with stress.

Exercise and staying fit increases the number of brain receptors.

When you’re fit and workout regularly, it helps boost memory. Exercise helps you make new connections in the brain, particularly in the area of the hypothalamus, which is in charge of functions like blood pressure, appetite and memory. Serotonin is also increased in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters send messages from one part of the brain to another. They’re part of the central nervous system and have both a direct and indirect influence on the brain. Serotonin has a direct effect on your memory and mood, with too little causing depression and forgetfulness. Studies show that the brain creates more serotonin when people exercise.

Exercise increases blood circulation in the brain and other benefits.

You’ll have a better blood supply to the brain, so you’ll be sending more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to help build more cells. Studies show that people who are fit and exercise regularly, have a thicker cerebral cortex, improved quality of the white matter, which is made of nerve fibers that connect the gray matter in the brain.

Exercise boosts the brain’s neuroplasticity.

At one time, it was thought that you were give all the brain cells you would ever have at birth, but today, we know that’s just not true. Neurogenesis, which takes place in the hippocampus and cerebellum is the creation of new brain cells. Neuroplasticity also takes place. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to “rewire” itself and create new pathways. It means that you can learn new things, no matter what your age and even increase your IQ by learning. IQ is not static. Cognitive decline isn’t necessarily a normal part of aging, neither is dementia. If you stay physically fit, it can be averted.

  • An Australian had 138 subjects with a memory problems and an average age of 69. After half of the group exercised 150 minutes a week, they showed improved cognitive functioning, while the other half that didn’t, showed no improvement.
  • Exercise can help control blood pressure, which lowers the risk of a stroke that can damage the brain severely.
  • Staying physically active and getting fit can increase the amount of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Both increase the mood, but also how alert you are and provide a memory boost.
  • Physical fitness means eating a healthy diet, too. Focus on a well-rounded diet that has lots of vegetables, berries and nuts. Consider the MIND diet to boost your brain power and health.

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