The Benefits Of Walking

Not only do our sessions at BioFit Performance in Oviedo, FL, provide workouts that can get you in shape faster, our fitness trainers offer all types of help. We provide nutritional help, a wide variety of aids to help you with pain, the latest scientific aids, such as cryotherapy and infrared and even simple changes you can make at home to boost your overall level of fitness. For instance, our trainers help people learn ways to live healthier, such as encouraging a more active lifestyle, with suggestions that include more activity, like walking. There are many benefits of walking and it could be just what you need to round out your fitness life.

Walking is a great way to start conditioning your body for a program of exercise or supplement one.

Even though everyone has a personalized program designed for his or her level of fitness, some people want to get a head start, especially if they’ve spent years living a sedentary lifestyle. Walking can be the perfect way to start. A consistent program of walking provides many of the benefits the gym, but you won’t see as rapid of changes. You get the benefits of improved heart health, lower blood pressure, a lower risk of stroke and even weight loss. Walking can even stop the loss of bone mass that occurs with osteoporosis.

The you walk, the more pep you’ll have in your step.

If you’ve watched people, you’ll see a marked difference in how they walk. Some are slow and plodding, barely dragging out the next step. You also have that shuffle walk that often represents a little old man in comedy routines. That swift stride with a heads up posture is the look of a confident person and those with bounce in their step, seem to love life with youthful abandon. Walking can increase lifespan and make every day better.

Walking builds your muscles and slows age related memory decline.

Studies show that age related mental decline can be slowed by walking just 2.5 miles per day. Another study with people between the ages of 71 and 93 showed that those who walked more than a quarter mile a day had a reduced potential for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Walking not only improves your mental capacity, it improves your sleep, which in turn can make you think clearer. It boosts circulation, which helps both the body and mind. Walking is a great way to start an exercise program or add to any exercise program.

  • Walking is a simple aerobic exercise that allows seniors to live longer and more independently. It can be included in part of any exercise program for those days you’re not at the gym.
  • One study found that women who were post-menopausal, benefited from walking in all the ways mentioned, but also experienced a 40% lower risk of hip fracture.
  • If weight loss is your goal, find ways to increase your daily walking, such parking further from the store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking burns extra calories. A brisk half hour walk burns approximately 200 calories.
  • Your joints will benefit from walking. Joint fluid circulates when you move. The increased compression and movement of walking causes more nutrients and oxygen to the joints.

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