Why Can’t I Stay Motivated To Workout?

There are many different reasons people can’t stay motivated to workout, but the most prevalent one is that they don’t have a goal that drives them and makes them excited to keep exercising. You have to know why, with conviction, you want to get healthier and look great. Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished without effort and getting fit is definitely worthwhile.

Identify your goal and why it’s important.

Is your goal to lose weight? Why? Is it your goal or something someone else told you to do? That’s important. If you made that decision, then you’re on the right track. If it was a friend, spouse or relative, you’ll be less likely to follow through with the effort. If that someone was your doctor and it’s for your health, you need to find the reason you want to be healthier. Is it to be able to participate in more activities? Is it to live longer and see your children raised and their children raised? Find the key to unlock your motivation.

Maybe it’s “stinken’ thinken'” that’s preventing you from success.

You have to believe your goal is realistic and that you can accomplish it. If you say you’re going to “try” to exercise regularly, you’ve lost have the battle. However, if you put exercise in your schedule and consider it an appointment with the gym that’s as important as any other appointment, your chances of sticking with the program increases. When you doubt yourself, you’re half defeated right from the start.

You might be less motivated if you think of a workout as something you’re forcing yourself to do.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to do things they’re forced into doing. People who hate to workout force themselves to clean, while other people look forward to that time at the gym. What’s the difference? Attitude. Find something you like about the workout. Notice how your body feels on every move. Once you start to notice, you’ll start feeling the change in your body and how much more control you have. You’ll notice how much stronger you are and how you can handle more flights of stairs without exhaustion. That makes it completely worthwhile.

  • Take up something active for those days away from the gym. Make it something you love doing. Your workouts can become a means to an end, helping you get in better shape to do what you love.
  • Smile while you workout. Force the smile for the first few weeks and it will soon become second nature. One study showed that smiling helped improve performance in the gym and keeps you working out longer.
  • Vary your workout. If you’re working with a trainer, the trainer will make sure to keep it fresh so you don’t get bored. If you’re working out alone, switch your routine frequently. It prevents plateauing.
  • Think about the miracle that’s your body and the fact that you can workout. You’re one of the lucky people that has that option and ability. When you realize your body is a gift you’ve been given to care for, you’ll be far more motivated to stick with it.

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