Why Meal Planning Is Important??

We provide all types of services at Biofit Performance to help our clients in Oviedo, FL, succeed at weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. We base our program on the four pillars of a healthy and one of those is eating healthy. In order to aid clients and make it simpler, we help educate every client on the basics of planning meals, including offering recipes and portion size. Why? Because meal planning is important if you want the most successful transition to healthy eating and getting fit. It answers the question, “What’s for supper,” with a healthy option that takes minutes to put on the table.

Meal planning isn’t just planning meals.

There are a couple of ways to approach meal planning. The most common way is to plan meals for the week one day, shop the next and prepare the next week’s meals over the weekend or your days off of work. Cooking the food can be done when you’re not already tired from a long day at work. You’ll have all the ingredients on hand, even if you don’t cook ahead, which is often half the battle.

If you spend one day cooking, you can take a break the rest of the week.

A lot of the time spent on healthy meals is the time the food is cooking, whether in an instant pot crock pot or oven. Taking one day for prep means you can cook two or more day’s worth of food at once. Your oven can do double duty, baking two types of meat or meat and vegetables at once. While the main courses are cooking, you can chop and prepare all the vegetables at once. Some will be used for several meals. In fact, by chopping all fresh vegetables and fruit at once, you can have some on hand for quick snacks.

It’s quicker than a drive-through during the week.

If you have all your meals planned and ready to heat, it only takes minutes to warm them. That’s faster than sitting in a drive-through line. It’s also less expensive in many cases. You can triple or double the recipes and freeze some of the meals for later weeks, so you don’t have to prepare as many meals down the road, or they’re ready for those weekends you don’t have the time to cook. Good meal plans use leftovers for other meals, such as baked chicken one night and chicken salad another.

  • Since the food is ready to heat and serve, you won’t be as tempted to munch while you’re cooking and also have the built-in portion control. You’ll seldom have leftovers that simply go bad in the refrigerator.
  • When you do meal planning, you can plan around sales, season fruits and vegetables and coupons. You’ll also save money by having a specific grocery list and not do a lot of impulse shopping.
  • It’s important to always do weekly shopping after you’ve eaten, not before you do. By doing the shopping once a week and after you eat, you’ll be less prone to buy junk food.
  • When you meal plan, you do your body a favor and your budget, too. Leftover vegetables at the end of the week can be used for soups, baked or chopped into salads. You’ll have super low cost soups ready to heat and eat for those chilly days.

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